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There is an intelligence inside you that will bring you back to your natural state of peace. Let us help you connect with that.

We have experienced mentors, free of charge, around-the-clock who are available to you anytime you feel the need to talk with someone. We are a welcoming group where you can feel safe to share, listen, and feel connected.


The next 3 available mentors are listed below. You can join in when a mentor is available. You may be the only guest in the room, or there may be several other guests. When you arrive, the mentor may be talking with others and will greet you within a few minutes. You’re welcome to simply listen, or ask questions, or share your current situation. If you prefer to schedule a private session please talk with the mentor.


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Upcoming Mentors:

Nicky Peeters


Ylva Nordh


Elene Nyborg


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Our mentors deeply listen and gently point you back to the peace, love and wisdom that already reside within you.

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This zoom room is completely free. If you wish to Pay it Forward by making a donation it will help us reach more people who can benefit from Heartfelt Presence. Thank you!