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There is an intelligence inside you that will bring you back to your natural state of peace. Let us help you connect with that.

Heartfelt Presence invites you to speak with an experienced mentor whenever you feel the need to connect with someone in a safe place where you can share, listen, and feel connected. We offer a zoom room for you available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where did this idea come from?

During a time of extraordinary stress, many of us yearn for a place where we can feel safe to share the challenges we are facing – and find peace of mind.

Heartfelt Presence is just that. It’s a place where you can feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with a real person who will help you remember that you have everything inside you to get through the challenging situations you face. Our trained mentors volunteer their time to help you find that quiet space.

We are not operating as therapists or psychologists but are trained and experienced to help you work through your fears and anxieties, and help you move forward with a peaceful mind.

There are no strings attached!

We offer our services for free.

How it works

We have a variety of mentors available to you, within a diverse range. The next three available mentors are listed below. You can join in when a mentor is available. You may be the only guest in the room, or there may be several other guests. When you arrive, the mentor may be talking with others and will greet you within a few minutes. You’re welcome to simply listen, or ask questions, or share.

If you prefer a private 1:1 session, you have the opportunity to see which Mentor you connect with and you can ask about private sessions with them. Any fees involved in a private session are negotiated between you and the Mentor.


Please read our Guidelines before entering the zoom room. By entering the zoom room, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the guidelines.

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Upcoming Mentors:

Alla Powers


Marty Lipsky


Hilda Rhodes


Please take a look at the full schedule

(International Language Schedule coming soon)

Our mentors deeply listen and gently point you back to the peace, love and wisdom that already reside within you.

“I am a retired psychiatrist with over 50 years of clinical and academic experience, which includes 38 years as a student and sharer of the universal Principles at the source of creation and all personal experience.

The Heartfelt Presence zoom room is dedicated to facilitating people’s desire to reawaken to increasing levels of innately present wisdom, peace of mind, love, and understanding despite past experiences, present challenges, and future uncertainty through an exploration of these Principles. 

Now as a full-time mental health educator I can attest that doing so is the most reliable means I have seen of accomplishing the above goals, goals that I believe everyone aspires to whether consciously or not.”

William F Pettit Jr M.D. Retired Psychiatrist, Mental Health Educator, and Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Creighton University School of Medicine.

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