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There is an intelligence inside you that will bring you back to your natural state of peace. Let us help you connect with that.

What is Heartfelt Presence?

Heartfelt Presence is based on a very simple understanding that we already have wisdom, peace, and everything we need inside us, and we can rely on these innate states to help us live our lives in ease and wellbeing.

Our coaches volunteer their time so that you can speak with a live person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via zoom. Whether you are navigating a challenging situation or want to explore how you can open yourself to more possibilities, we are here for you.

We are not operating as therapists or psychologists, we are pointing you back to the mental health you already possess. If you are in crisis, we would like you to get the care and help you need. Please click into Guidelines below for crisis help.

There are no strings attached!.

We offer our services for free.

A Life Changing Approach…

It was 21 years ago that I was fortunate enough to find and experience the principles that are shared on this website. My life changed forever, both personally and professionally. Before being introduced to these ideas, I was chronically anxious, insecure, and stressed. After encountering them, my life has been an endless unfolding of greater levels of peace, tranquility, wisdom, and vitality. The experience of this understanding was so impactful that I completely changed my practice of Psychiatry to this approach. In doing so, I have been able to help hundreds of people find their innate mental health, like I found mine. What a gift!

That’s why I am so happy to know about Heartfelt Presence. To have a place where people can access a coach with a knowledge of our inborn wellbeing any time of day, is just an invaluable resource. What a brilliant idea!  I can only imagine the countless numbers of people who will benefit from this service. The world needs what you are offering, particularly now! Thank you Heartful Presence! Thank you!

Robert J. Solomon, M.D. is an Adult, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatrist in private practice in San Diego, California

How it Works

We have a variety of innate wellbeing coaches available to you, within a diverse range. The next three available coaches are listed below. You can join in during those hours. You may be the only guest in the room, or there may be several other guests present. When you arrive, the coach may be talking with others and will greet you within a few minutes. You’re welcome to simply listen, or ask questions, or share.

If you prefer private one-to-one sessions, you have the opportunity to see which coach you connect with and can ask about private sessions with them. You and the coach can discuss any fees that may be involved.


Please read our Guidelines before entering the zoom room. By entering zoom, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the guidelines.

To our dear guests, in order to keep these rooms safe for everyone, soon we will require that each person is logged into zoom in order to join the meetings. If you do not now have a zoom account, please sign up – it’s free.

Join the Zoom Room

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Upcoming Coaches:

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Mick Tomlinson


Sally Coton


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Our coaches deeply listen and gently point you back to the peace, love and wisdom that already reside within you.

“I am a retired psychiatrist with over 50 years of clinical and academic experience, which includes 38 years as a student and sharer of the principles at the source of creation and all personal experience.

The Heartfelt Presence zoom room is dedicated to facilitating people’s desire to reawaken to increasing levels of innately present wisdom, peace of mind, love, and understanding despite past experiences, present challenges, and future uncertainty through an exploration of these principles. 

Now as a full-time mental health educator I can attest that doing so is the most reliable means I have seen of accomplishing the above goals, goals that I believe everyone aspires to whether consciously or not.”

William F Pettit Jr M.D. Retired Psychiatrist, Mental Health Educator, and Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Creighton University School of Medicine.

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