Why are we doing this?

Founded by Linda Ryan, PhD in 2020 in response to Covid and other societal issues that cause unrest in people, Heartfelt Presence is a place where anyone can show up and find someone to talk with, free of charge.  Heartfelt Presence gives people a place to explore wellbeing and more freedom for their lives whether they are struggling, or navigating a challenging situation, or wanting to increase their enjoyment of life. This is a place to learn how much more simple life can be when we each trust in our own wisdom that we already possess inside.

In the US, the Surgeon General is "the Nation’s Doctor, providing Americans with the best scientific information available on how to improve their health and reduce the risk of illness and injury." In 2023 Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD has set one of his main priorities as improving Social Connection. His website states "Humans are wired for social connection, but we’re becoming more isolated over time. Loneliness and social isolation represent significant threats to individual and societal health and well-being. Social connection can lead to healthier, more prosperous and resilient individuals and communities."

Heartfelt Presence offers opportunities for anyone to connect with a trained host on zoom 24 hours a day, all volunteer and with no cost to our guests.

How is this different?

What we teach differs from many other approaches to tackling human problems in one fundamental way: we focus on teaching health rather than treating illness. The model is rooted in a belief that we all have inner mental good health and we teach individuals how to access and sustain this health.

The model states that we create our own psychological and emotional reality from the inside out via our thoughts in each moment. This means that no one is under the control of powerful emotions associated with past events, and they can find their own peace and wellbeing.

Who are we?

Every one of our coaches who volunteer in Heartfelt Presence share a life-changing understanding of psychological and spiritual (not religious) wellbeing which is changing lives every day.

Recent and ongoing research on the impact of learning and understanding these principles has recently been published in The Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health where findings showed that this work "reduces stress-related problems, supports calm parenting, and improves coping for diverse high-risk populations" and in the publication; Psychology in Schools where published research findings revealed that students who received the curriculum showed significant improvements in communication, decision‐making, and problem‐solving skills; emotional regulation; and resilience compared to students in the comparison condition.

Additionally, a research study that took place in an English prison demonstrated significant improvement in mental wellbeing and purpose in life, significant reductions in anxiety and anger, and improved behavior in the prison community. A study conducted with 60 educators in Scotland also found significant improvement in teachers' ability to deal with worry, anxiety, stress, managing work/life balance, and returning to the work-place during the easing of Covid-19.


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