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Q: Syd spoke of Divine Mind. Is there also Divine Consciousness and Divine Thought?

A. Will try my best to answer this. Can only give my own interpretation.

Yes they are all manifestations of Divine Mind, Divine Intelligence, The Great Spirit or what many call God. In the same way, ALL the material world is composed of physical material, which in turn is just self contained units of subatomic matter, ultimately pure energy in essence.


Divine Consciousness is what makes us human and transforms us all from formlessness/nothingness to living human incarnation. Another word Dad sometimes used for divine consciousness is “soul”.

Divine Thought is what Syd also called “the gift of Free Will”. It is what separates us from fatalism.. As humans we have choice, we have agency and divine freedom. My Dad put particular importance on this idea of free will. In fact, 3P teachings are meaningless without acceptance of human agency over our thought.

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